Or the crosstalk between immunity
and metabolism in health and disease

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the 2nd International Congress of Micro-Immunotherapy (ICoMI) that will be held once again at Palma Convention Center (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) on 3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2021.

ICoMI is an international platform for health professionals and researchers to exchange on Immunomodulation. This 2021 meeting will cover the core fields of Immunology & Metabolism, two challenging areas that are already shaping the roadmap towards precision medicine.

It is today widely known that each stage of the immune response, from antigen presentation to cell differentiation and activation, is intimately linked with cell metabolism.

  • Immune cells are capable of sensing every day changes in our environment, from dietary metabolites to the presence of pathogens or abnormal cells, and, hence, trigger or adapt their metabolic signalling programs to their needs.
  • Specific immune responses and inflammation can influence metabolic systemic signalling and contribute to the development of different diseases. A clear example of it may be the interplay between subacute chronic inflammation and insulin resistance paving the way to type 2 diabetes.

Every immune response thus depends on and, at the same time, shapes cellular energy management. This crosstalk between Immunity and Metabolism opens today new perspectives in medicine, and leads to the emerging concept of metabolic reprogramming of immune cells in diseases where chronic inflammation and/or metabolic dysfunctions are key mediators, such as diabetes, autoimmunity or cancer. Therefore, therapeutic approaches like micro-immunotherapy, nutrition and/or microbiome-based therapies may play an important role in the management of these diseases, as part of a global treatment plan.

Looking forward to seeing you in Palma!

Warmest regards,

Dr Pascal Mensah
Scientific Director of ICoMI

Venue & Info

Palau de Congressos de Palma – Palma de Mallorca Convention Centre

Opened in April 2017 and designed by the prestigious architect Francisco Mangado, the new Palma Convention Centre places Palma on the map of the world’s leading business destinations.

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